The Old and the New.

The city of Prague has already taught me something magnificent. I’ve never seen a city before quite like it – or anywhere near it for that matter.

The old architecture rises high above, met by the new. It all coexists in the most beautiful of ways – a lyrical coming together of what once was and what now is. The way In which the two meld together to form the most beautiful streets with sights that go for miles, showing me that the old and the new have places next to each other.

Remembering and respecting the old – whether it’s your elders, an item, or your personal past – there is something to be learned. Everything has a story and should not be forgotten. However, from there, also realize that time moves on. People change, situations change, stories progress. Nothing is permanent – and that’s okay. It’s part of life, and looking back and dwelling on the past will do no good. Make new memories, new relationships, let the story be written further.

Because that is the beauty of life – you can place one building next to another and are able to see a timeline, a story unfold and play itself out. A story with character and passion and life lessons within it’s walls. You are able to learn from the past and create a new future all of your own making.

It’s been too rainy to get good ones of the magic that I am trying to explain, but I’ll be posting pictures soon!


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