I Will Remember.

Falling effortlessly
The white expanse surrounds us
Mirroring the flakes
While the world stops turning and they softly float
Unaware of the deafening silence
Rooted into the present
Where speechlessness feels like home
Clean slate,
fresh air,
fresh tracks.
That moment – frozen.


3 thoughts on “I Will Remember.

  1. I honestly love your blog and your writing. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see other people who notice the more in-depth aspects of life. People who observe life everyday and never waste a moment that could inspire them or contribute to their lives. Keep writing. You’re very talented

    • Thank you so much I cannot believe how kind you are to say those things. I really appreciate that you see the little things as inspiration just as I do, checked out your blog and started reading and was hooked. You are very talented as well!

      • It was my pleasure. Sometimes, something as simple as encouragement can be enough inspiration to change the world. And thank you for being so gracious to my writing. I think we both have areas to improve, and it will be exciting not only to see what my writing will grow into. But, to see where you grow as a writer as well. And who knows, maybe one day we will both change the world.

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