Turning Into Tomorrow.

As I’m sitting here during my last night in my apartment, on the last day of my sophomore year, I’m reminiscing of the year that I have just left behind. It was a year of trials, probably some of the most hard things I have ever had to go through. It was a year of learning, one lesson after another-most the hard way. And it was a year of loving; I’ve never built relationships so true and strong in my life.

But what I realized is how ridiculously easy it was to just let that all pass on by in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow I’m moving out of my first apartment in which I’ve shared a wonderful and altogether crazy year with a beautiful best friend by my side. And where has that time gone? I’ll never get it back. But its safe to say it will always be a part of me.

You know how when you are younger and your parents had a growth chart of you hung up on the wall (or in my case etched out with pen in my childhood home’s garage) so they could mark down every growth spurt and wishful time you sworeee that you had grown at least a little bit? And remember how before you knew it there were a few dozen little marks with the date next to them climbing up the wall, stating that you had grown to be inches taller without you even noticing?

Growing up is like that. It’s such an easy thing to miss those centimeters that make up even one inch, let alone all five. When you see yourself everyday, you hear your own thoughts and go about your daily routine, oblivious to the fact that you have grown.

Maybe all you simply did was learn  something new for the day, stop to appreciate a blessing that you had never noticed before, or even made a monumental step in following God’s plan and becoming who you think you are meant to be.

But that’s the thing, you are already who you are meant to be. That definition is constantly changing, forever fluid. Every single day. Every single second, decision, goal set, plan made and failed, and even your mistakes you wish you had been smarter not to make are all part of the journey.

So give yourself some credit. Sit down to take the time and stop. Realize your resilience, and acknowledge those steps forward in your growth, no matter how small they may be. Take the time to celebrate those that have been on your path with you, and send mental gratitude and love to those whom might no longer be, as they still helped you become who you are today. Centimeters or inches, makes no difference – it all has a part in who you are today and who you will become as tonight turns into tomorrow. Because you know what? We never truly stop growing.


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