The Never-Ending Quest.

So there’s this little thing called perfection.

We strive for it every single day as if it is actually possible. But there is something that everybody should realize about perfection: it ISN’T possible.

And it is never going to be.

The worst part about perfection is the facade that everybody throws up to try and achieve it. Everybody isn’t as beautiful as every single airbrushed picture they put up on Facebook or as talented and happy as the cumulation of all their purposefully sorted through life experiences turned into nicely worded statuses.

They have their own struggles. Their own problems, their own weird qualities and quirks.

The constant effort to achieve an idealized version of what we should be, what we think others want us to be, and sometimes what is “normal” is what stops us from realizing our REAL full potential. The potential that we can find only when we truly embrace our struggles and turn them into something positive. Or when we understand that we have quirks and weird things about us but know how to use those as an advantage and help us to identify with others.

Can you image everybody being transparent? There would be no more motivation towards perfection because the competition from false perception of others would be eliminated. Sounds wonderful to me!

So let’s not try to be perfect. Let’s just try to be the best that we can be.


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