The “C” Words.

Watch out because here comes a sore topic to me,


Just the word sounds sad and annoying all at the same time. It has a slight ring of coulda, shoulda, woulda echoing off the end, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, most people would probably say that they do not associate the word complacent with any negative thoughts. That it simply means to be happy with the situation or environment your in, the choices you have made, and the path you have chosen. But contrary to what some believe, complacency isn’t quite so peaceful.

In the dictionary the literal definition even admits there is a downfall to being comfortable, stating that it is “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like”.

I would venture to say that this potential danger or defect is stagnancy. A person’s life without change. Change is probably the single most scary thing to a person, but it also has the highest probability of doing amazing things in your life once opened to it. Change does not always have to be good in your eyes to do good things for your life. Change is simply setting the course of your life down a different path and allowing it the possibility of going somewhere different, of bringing in new things, throwing out old ones, and opening up to possibilities that would otherwise be unknown.

You know that saying ”whenever one door closes, two more open”? Every time change comes in your life it should be a question of acceptance and adaptation rather than fighting against it and allowing yourself to be miserable. A lot of times change is out of our hands, but sometimes we hold all the power to actually let it happen. Either way, it can be quite scary to embark into the unknown.

Just as any other person, the unknown scares the heck out of me. All I want to do is ask a million questions and get a million matching answers back. Sometimes life doesn’t have answers. But God does. He might not share them with us now, or even ever for that matter, but He will provide for us if we let change take its due course in our lives. He has a plan.

So come at me change! I want true happiness. I’m not going to be left sitting back thinking “if only I could have…maybe I would have…wow I really should have…”

Are you?


Talk to me.

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