Simple Sisterhood.

Usually, I’d like to say I’m quite a fast learner. Teach it to me, I’ll pick it up, and be navigating whatever it is on my own in no time. But things are much different when it comes to those life lessons that nobody can really teach you, they just need to be experience. For me, those are a bit of a different story…

My most recent life lesson was drilled into my head over and over by family and a few close friends but I never quite grasped the true meaning of it. They have always told me,“If somebody wants to be in your life, they will be in it.” Now, it’s quite a simple concept to understand, and I believed I did until very recently. Now I know that nobody voicing this idea to me would ever truly make it hit home, but I needed to see it happen directly to me in order to truly understand it. And this is where my sisters come in.

These are not my literal sisters, but instead the Greek kind. As a fiercely independant girl in high school I always swore off sororities and never planned to ever come near to the obviously cookie cutter version of what a perfect girl “should” be like. It just wasn’t me, and still isn’t. But somehow, I found a place where girls weren’t snotty, they all had weird habits like me, and they truly embraced the idea of sisterhood. To me, this was a whole new world. Girls? In a large group? That actually like each other? Seems unheard of! I had grown up between two brothers, and always only had one to three good girlfriends at a time. My groups of friends were always guys because, lets face it, they carry less drama around with them. Punch somebody and get over it was the philosphy that I always identified better with.

But my sisters have pulled through in a much greater fashion than I ever could have expected. When I needed it the most, they showed me that they were willing to be there for me, see me, or do whatever they could in order to make me feel loved and surrounded with positivity. They made the effort. And thats more than I could ever ask for. These wonderful, beautiful, loving girls have done what nobody was ever able to fully do before; they have enforced in my life the true meaning of loyalty and respecting myself.

So although I know I probably won’t be able to say it enough times if you do not understand it, I will still try.

NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY will forego that effort if they truly want to be in your life. No, they aren’t just too busy, too preoccupied, to this or that. They will make the effort, make the time, and be there for you. It is easy to convince yourself when you want something bad enough that it can change or that you can make any more of an effort..but you can’t. And if they don’t make that effort? It isn’t worth the fight when you could be spending the time that you are using worrying about them and redirect it to the people that you do know will actually be there for you

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