Riddle Me This.

We all want them, search for them, and actively drive ourselves crazy until we have them. But have you ever noticed that some questions are harder to be answered than others? I sure have. When you meet a person that fosters our inherent human quality of trying to pair intellect with learned knowledge and somehow create a roadmap of our crazy world, those intense questions tend to come up. With people that are on the same thought process as me it is so easy to go running around in circles that just blow my mind. Space, time travel, the future, and what lies beyond death…a small sampling of the conversations I have had. But a recent experience brought some clarity to answering these absurdly convoluted and in depth questions.
I have come to a final conclusion.
Some questions simply do not have answers. And they never will. Or at least answers that are meant for us as human beings to know. And no matter how hard we, or any esteemed scientist or philosopher may try; we will never be able to have them. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with relying on my experiences and my instincts to answer some hard questions for myself and just leave the others alone. In a sense, it helps to accept truth and reality for how it is.
Sure, I feel blessed enough to have a mind which functions at a level of clarity where I am able to soak up knowledge and information and be able to try and piece it together myself. And yes, I am so thankful that I have met and am surrounded by the few that spark these conversations and are willing and able to mull things over with me for hours – exercising those muscles in our noggins. But most importantly, I feel honored to serve a God that is so strong and powerful that He can know the answers to these questions while we can’t. It takes out the constant element of struggle and cognitive dissonance between happiness and real life experience; the struggle which always lands you in a war ground of spiritual materialism. You don’t need to have all the answers to have it all. Because He does. To me, that makes him worth trusting. In the end, it’s not what my church, best friend, or person that I look up to the most tells me; they are all only human. We all make mistakes, give the wrong advice every once in a while, and unknowingly lead others the wrong way. If He knows all, who is better to put the course of my life in their hands than his?
In the midst of all the “answers” being thrown at me from every kind of angle proclaiming that they have figured it out, I find that to be a very comforting fact.
And he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.” –  Job 28:28

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