Redundant Resolutions.

As the year of 2012 comes to an end (without the world ending) I’m sure many of us will be making resolutions as the clock strikes twelve. With the ushering in of the new year most hope there will also be the emergence of a new “you”.
Somebody that maybe has new goals; your going to work out five times a week, say no to that cheesecake after dinner, kick those bad habits of smoking and drinking, and hit the books to keep those grades high.
This time right? This will be the time it will all happen.
Are you sure of that? 
When asked, only 8 percent of Americans say that they have successfully achieved their New Year’s resolutions, with 80 percent of those people not making it past JANUARY 20.
Have you ever thought that maybe the reason they don’t make it, with some of them giving in as early as a month in is because of the source of motivation?
While I do love the inherent idea of a New Year’s resolution, I have never believed in them. I do not make them. That’s great if you do, but maybe you should think about why you are doing it.
Is it to make a new “you” in the coming new year? To be a better person maybe, or to fix all those imperfections that you hate now that it seems there is a fresh start?
Before I start sounding like a downer, let me tell you why I love the in characteristics of a New Year’s resolution: because it means you are willing to improve! But the reason that I don’t make resolutions on New Years is simply because I believe that a fresh start can come whenever you want it to.
Every single day is the beginning of a new year, starting with that day. Next June it will be a year from the past June, and you can look back and revel at all the amazing feats you have conquered.
But first, it’s important that you aren’t making your resolutions blindly. The reason that so many New Year’s Resolutions fail is because they are made simply because it is a new year, and are not planned properly and assessed on timing, preparedness, and ability.
So don’t set yourself up to fail! Make resolutions that you CAN keep, ones that you are thoroughly prepared for, that are truly possible. Start small, and work your way on up. And then, make resolutions any day during the next year, during any week, any month, and at any hour. Because you’ll know when your equipped, you’ll be ready to take on new things and handle new situations as the time comes.
And when it does?
Set that goal, hold yourself to it, and show that resolution what you’ve got. 

Talk to me.

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