Practice What We Preach.

I am sure if you have turned on the television, listened to the radio, or used any kind of social media yet today then you have heard the horrifying news about the shooting in Colorado early this morning at The Dark Knight Rises premiere. My prayers are with the people that were wounded or killed, and with their family and friends as they deal with this unnecessary and irreversible situation.
Now why would I say this is unnecessary instead of devastating, terrible, or un-called for? Because of course it is all of those things. But most importantly, when things happen like this all I can think of is that they are sounnecessary.
The man that felt the need to injure his fellow human beings felt so for a reason. Of course his reasons can never justify the atrocities he committed, and I most certainly will never be able to identify with them as I am sure most people wouldn’t, but they still exist in his mind. Nobody should ever even get close to believing that there is a reason strong enough to hurt others in this way.
These reasons that motivate people to commit crimes such as these I feel can be avoided by two forms of action from the American public; raising our children correctly and showing compassion to one another. Usually these types of situations arise through troubled youth never being helped or paid attention to. Just because they might be “weird” or “antisocial” does not mean that they do not deserve the same amount of attention and care as do any other child or person. Who was there for this man, or any other person who commits this type of crime, when he needed somebody’s sympathy or shoulder to lean on? They were probably nowhere to be found. And although his level of rebellion and most likely mental illness transcended what many “normal” people would ever consider, his actions were most likely a reaction to something happening in his life.
Just as everybody will undoubtedly be there for the people that were affected today, and just as our nation will come together in support as they always do in situations like these, people should be acting this way every single day.Show some compassion towards others, do not overlook somebody that you know needs positive attention, and most importantly, help to prevent situations like these before they even get close to being out of hand. 
So spread the love ya’ll. Not just when its necessary, but when it is needed the most.

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