Positive Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention. We all crave it. Human nature instills in us a hunger for interaction and others’ consciousness of ourselves. I have no answer to why our brains are set up this way, but its apparent in every person that looks for validation in how others react to them. 
Isn’t that why people follow fads, fall into peer pressure to do things that might be against their moral standings, or search for love in all the wrong places? It’s because they want that attention. And that is the problem with the need for attention, it can be met in only two ways; negative and positive.
Positive attention and reinforcement is a fantastic thing, but when not given, leaves a void to be filled. That is where the negative attention comes in. It is commonly said that teenagers will act out, or that insecure girls will create dramatic scenes in order to receive attention they believe they are not getting. This cannot be more true for almost every single one of us, even in the most seemingly insignificant ways. That negative status you post on Facebook, words you might say to your loved ones, or actions that you take knowing somebody will react, those are all done in desperation for attention.
I am in no way judging those that look for attention in any way, whether it be big or small, because I know first hand what it can feel like to yearn for it and made stupid choices in the wake of that void being opened. So I suggest taking it one day at a time, realizing that there ARE positive ways to receive attention from others, and repeat to yourself that those are all that you need.Because the thing about negative attention; its addictive, yet thoroughly unfulfilling and will always leaving you wanting more.And if you find yourself starting to plan out how you can stir up some drama, take a deep breath, remember you are better than that, and learn to be the kind of person that only attracts positive attention. At least that’s what I am going to strive for!

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