Out Of The Box.

I’m leaving the place I currently live and work at in a few days and going back to my real home. But I don’t want to leave. I’m comfortable and happy, and what if I am not able to create that life for myself back at home, what if I won’t find people just as amazing?

Here’s the thing about comfort. You can expect it to be one thing and it end up completely something else. It’s really funny like that…stepping out of your box can be so extremely scary, until you do it and come to realize that sometimes you are more comfortable outside of it than inside.

Before coming here I was scared to death that I would hate it. Get bored, not meet people I connected with, spend too much time in a place that wasn’t for me. And now my outside has become my inside. Funny how things like that can switch so fast when you just let yourself be open to them.

Maybe you have convinced yourself that those very four walls you have contained yourself in mentally or physically for so long are actually what makes you happy or at ease. Maybe they are just what you’re used to. Possibly because that’s even all you’ve ever known.

And you’ll never know any different until you try. And you’ll never grow until you let your idea of what is normal or supposed to happen die.

And then maybe the new scary thing could eventually turn into your comfort zone and hurt more than nurture you. And guess what that means? Maybe it’s time to move out of your box again. Or in my case, to make new room and open space in my old one.

Whether for you that means a whole new one, or it could even be just right outside those boundaries…you’ll never know until you let yourself. So try new things. Take those situations that seem like “chances” and embrace them. It might suck at first, and will almost positively be uncomfortable for an amount of time. But that’s what show you that you’re growing. Changing even. Evolving. And that change could very well possibly be what is good for you. Because it’s in our fears that are our true places to grow.

The best lessons and the strongest part of yourself is hidden within your fears. And if that doesn’t turn out true, you can always retreat back. But if you never go forward, you’ll never actually know what lies ahead other than your own projections and speculations.


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