Once Upon A Time.

107 weeks ago, I would have followed you to the end of the earth.
96 weeks ago I was forever redeemed.
94 weeks ago, another night out was ruined for no good reason.
92 weeks ago, a random stranger penned that I was beautiful.
90 weeks ago if you asked me who I was I would have said the other half of you.
84 weeks ago the fragile world collapsed.
82 weeks ago his lips attempted to overcome my pain.
And 82 weeks ago, so did his, and his.
78 weeks ago I decided to smile through my tears.
77 weeks ago, the last remnants of your voice disappeared.
75 weeks ago glass waters brought me to my knees, and that beauty was all I could ever need.
74 weeks ago those arms were my shield.
And 71 weeks ago I realized what time alone could heal.
70 weeks ago I left the door open a crack.
69 weeks ago it came slamming back.
66 weeks ago my soul met it’s passion again.
62 weeks ago I learned the beauty of understanding.
60 weeks ago I made a decision that would change the course of my life.
58 weeks ago a piece of innocence was lost.
55 weeks ago was the last time she would come along.
54 weeks ago I learned what lasts.
And 53 weeks ago I finally let myself go too fast.
51 weeks ago I had on a smile bigger than the sun.
49 weeks ago I was learning how to take it slow.
And 48 weeks ago that idea flew out the window.
46 weeks ago that ugly splinter was pulled.
And 44 weeks ago I stopped doing what I was told.
41 weeks ago I was reminded that a good laugh can get you through it all.
39 weeks ago delusion took it’s course.
38 weeks ago beautiful words struck me.
37 weeks ago I should have seen it coming.
And 36 weeks ago I began the guarding.
34 weeks ago I knew it was time to leave.
And 32 weeks ago reality was a far off dream.
31 weeks ago it seemed to have all started.
27 weeks ago that place began calling itself my home.
And 26 weeks ago my heart was torn.
24 weeks ago your beating became my own.
And 23 weeks ago it was too soon and too late.
21 weeks ago I never thought it would be the same.
Because 21 weeks ago my heart opened again.
19 weeks ago the soul overcame.
17 weeks ago that little voice took on a new face.
15 weeks ago seems like the same old place.
14 weeks ago I knew it was over.
12 weeks ago times needed to turn.
11 weeks ago the big guns were called in.
And 9 weeks ago the pieces crumbled further.
7 weeks ago the risk was worth the taking.
6 weeks ago beauty was everywhere.
5 weeks ago there was electricity in the air and I was free falling fast.
3 weeks ago acceptance was the tone.
2 weeks ago unconditional love needn’t be won.
7 days ago moves were made.
And 3 days ago fears were slain.
2 days ago the nostalgia set in.
Yesterday peace was my friend.
And today is where my future begins.


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