My Little Trophy Cabinet.

My little trophy cabinet is my pride and joy.

It contains all of my accomplishments thus far, my awards won, work worth mentioning, project completed, and competitions where I proved myself to be the best.

It holds all of my interviews gone well, my jobs into which I put hours, and the positions I have held.

It shows my dedication, my hard work, and my well-rounded nature.

But what it doesn’t show are my failures, mistakes make, people upset, standards not lived up to, and worst of all – the things in which I cannot do.

What would be so bad about that? Showing the sides of me that I cannot excel at or put on a resume? The things that could never translate over onto a trophy engraving or plaque?

After all, those things taught me just as much – or even more about myself. They moved me towards my goals, even if at the time they sent me two steps backward to get there.

Maybe my little trophy case is not all I should be showing off, for my perfection lies in my imperfections and my successes lie in my ability to overcome my failures.


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