Meant To Be.


I saw a couple crossing the road the other day, and that’s when it all clicked. Why had I never noticed this before? After almost 20 of living, numerous beautiful encounters, thousands of people met, hundreds befriended, some loved, and even a few lost…and It still took me this long to fully realize.

Relationships are the sole reason we are on this planet. However you would define the word, it’s the reason. You are put here on this earth to live on it. Living: breathing, eating, surviving. Why? What is the purpose if it is just to go in and out of every single day passing time, just surviving? Feed yourself, sleep, work.


Ever wonder why those that are poverty stricken better understand the meaning of family and loyalty? Or why those that have health issues have a greater appreciation for their loved ones? Because they know that their simple constructs of survival are being threatened, and therefore so are their relationships or time that they can spend on them. That’s what they focus on. Their relationships.


I had a funny thought that immediately followed this first one. What if we were all placed here on this earth and couldn’t communicate past the necessary? Couldn’t connect, love, and exchange emotions. What would the point be? Imagine that world…a never ending cycle of machine-like motions driving one day into the next. With nothing original, unique, beautiful. Nothing breathtaking, heart wrenching, or awe inspiring. There would be…nothing.


The relationships we create and nurture are the reasons we are here. Every single one of them. Everybody has a place, everybody is here for a reason. And absolutely every single last person is capable of being loved.


No matter who you are, I do not believe you are here to clock in and out your time and just get through it or be some super being with no soul. You are here to relate and create. Form bonds and understand – even if it’s only for a fleeting second. Listen and be heard. Interact and observe. Grow and struggle. Love without bounds or rules.


Every single one of us is on a journey, all interwoven with each other.


You are meant to be here. 


Talk to me.

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