Killing Time Before It Kills You.



It can be such a terrible thing.

It seems to go slower at the worst moments, drag out a heartbreak, be robbed of loved ones when they deserve much more of it, and can take away so many things from you that you thought you would always have. Sometimes it seems like there is never enough of it to go around, and goodbyes fly around the corner before you can even start imagining them. And during other times of hurt it can seem to drag on forever, twisting that knife that is already in your side slowly and with no mercy. Every person has a ticking clock over their head that with every second comes closer to its preeminent end.

And as stressful as that all is, as terrifying as it is to feel like we are subject to this invisible source tyrant that we cannot control, I believe time is good.

Time can show us progress, heal a heartbreak, give us memories with loved ones, and provide us with the motivation to wake up again the next day. The smallest amount of it can produce the biggest change, and we only need the smallest anyway to accomplish that change. It can reform that “I’ll do it tomorrow” into the passion to say “No, I’ll do it today”. It can help you cherish every moment and realize even the smallest of things are blessings and should not be taken for granted. Knowing that it in fact has an end helps us to use it to the best of our abilities. Time provides a space in which we can laugh harder, love more, make a million mistakes, learn to be a better person from those mistakes, and just live. And for that I am thankful.

So enjoy that that time while you have it, and don’t take it too seriously. So yeah that clock is ticking, and of course that end is coming up. But after all, its only a human invention so we could wrap our little minds around things that are much bigger than us anyway!


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