Independence Day.

To me, independence is quite possibly one of the most important things somebody can posses in life. Autonomy, or self government, is such a powerful trait. This is because an independent person turns needs of interpersonal support into wants of human interaction. They choose to be able to single handedly handle their own situations, fight their own battles, and live their own life. These type of people simply share their life with somebody, instead of basing their life off of somebody. The one and only person that you can ever have control over is yourself. It is not anybody else’s responsibility for how you act, react, or handle any situation, no matter if they were the catalyst or not.

Being independent means that your happiness depends solely on yourself and nobody else, then everything added in from there is only an enrichment to your life. If you can be handle yourself, you’re much more likely to be able to be a positive impact on other’s lives. Burdening a relationship with the confusion of dependence will almost always turn out bad. So live a little, make those mistakes, but most important of all, count on yourself to turn them around and learn from them. Because when it comes down to it, it’s only you in the end anyway.


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