Home is Where the Heart is: A Roadtrip With Yourself

So they say home is where the heart is.


But what does that really mean anyway? It’s different to every individual actually, dependent on what you consider home. When I personally think of home I think of wherever I am experiencing life – growing, changing, evolving. When I think of home I think of the people I love. I have never had a strong connection to home in the way of getting homesick, I’ve always been able to travel or visit other places for long periods of time and be just fine. I think that’s in part due to the fact that I have always had two homes and my parents have always let me be free in all the right ways. But I think another huge aspect of that is my sense of comfort when I am around those I love and in new places. I absolutely love adventures and getting to know new people.
I’m learning to genuinely open up my heart to others and in turn create a space in which others can reciprocate that and open up to me. A lot of people feel a strong connection to their physical body, and some might even go as far to say your body is your temple. It houses your brain, your heart, your soul. It moves with you and encompasses anything that you might use to connect with another human being.
In this way, letting others into your heart is like letting others into your home. Having guests over makes you want to clean up, apologize for the dirty dishes, dust, or even lack-thereof that manifests in your head as your eagerly waiting their arrival. But just providing a sense of comfort and hospitality is all it takes to provide another with a good visit. Genuine conversation, compassion, and interest in the other person is why you invited them over. Interaction and companionship is something that every human craves.
The guest will be thankful either way, whether they see throw pillows awry or not, simply because you invited them in. Don’t be scared of your flaws, how others see you, putting on a “perfect” and desirable appearance, or shoving all of your mess into a closet before you let somebody else in. Because that closet door needs to be opened eventually. Or heck, can even burst open if you start shoving too much stuff in it.
And if you let your heart become your home, how great could that be? The possibilities to love are endless. Not only will you know yourself better and love yourself more, but you will also respect your heart, respect others hearts, and lead with openness rather than fear. But best of all? That home is like a luxury RV; portable, contains everything you need, and keeps you comfortable no matter where you are.
So no matter what images come up when you think of home—negative, positive, a childhood house, or the place you currently live…consider how you could truly embody the saying “Home is Where the Heart Is”, and how at home you feel in yourself and the workings of your heart.

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