Burrito Blankets Blow.

There is something so undeniably beautiful about vulnerability. It is one of the hardest things to force yourself and others to exhibit, but arguably one of the most rewarding. And this is because it shows humanity; ones rawness and lack of perfection. Their insecurities and their mistakes, the things they are ashamed of or afraid to unveil to others.

But what makes these ugly things so beautiful? It is that once we see them, we realize for that fleeting second that we are all equal. We all feel pain, deal with it in our own ways, revel in beauty and the never-ending unknown aspects of our world, crave knowledge, and hold on to hope. We are all human. And being able to see that is such a moving experience.

These moments of vulnerability are unveiled through getting rid of security blankets. Every time you pull one off, no matter how small, you are allowing yourself to grow, to be open to the rest of the world, no matter how harsh it might be or the outcomes you might experience. It takes guts. It takes faith that there is something better. And that is beautiful.
Security blankets are exactly what they are called – they keep you cozy and warm, but they also keep you shielded and separate. How are you supposed to ever know if you don’t even try? How are you supposed to ever feel alive if you can’t even truly feel? How are you supposed to aspire if you can’t even move because you are wrapped up so tight in a blanket like a big burrito?

Pull off those blankets, get rid of those roadblocks, no matter how warm and comfortable, and I guarantee you that you will learn something of value. You will grow as a person. And most importantly, you will gain confidence and knowledge that you are more than you ever thought you could be.



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