This is Me.

Just an adventurous soul; calmed by nature, curious for the unknown, believer in calculated risks, enchanted by words, and most of all a lover of the Light. 


I’m on a journey. A journey to find all the beautiful ways to live a healthy and happy lifestyle – from body to mind, even the soul. I see life as one big puzzle. It’s an adventure to find all the pieces, but it is in that process which the true and raw essence of happiness exists, not in the final product. Happiness for me means exploration through writing and pictures as my form of expression, loving others as my form of action, and constantly learning as my passion. For me, it’s all about the balance. You can’t just have a fit body, focus on knowledge, or dive into spirituality full force. I believe the answer to true happiness is a medley of living a driven, yet bohemian lifestyle where there is always something new to discover and explore. Simplify and enjoy the small things, but never stop being your kind of successful. Throwing out the stereotypes and bringing in the love of differences, inclusiveness, and staying true to myself – whatever that might mean. Join me?


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